Frank's Note on 12/14/99: this is a pretty sweet post from Turncoat last year, it pretty much sums up my feelings.  It has been a year, things are slowly but surely going as Endyn has planned.  Rods are now available.  So are some of the pistons.  Next year there will be more for sure!


A message from Turncoat

Posted by eg2 frank ( on October 13, 1998 at 20:30:30:

Turncoat can't post himself (lost passwd or something)... so I'm posting this for him.

Fellow board members , lately it seems that many people have been once again
stirring up the $hit bucket in regards to T.O.O. and Nitro. Although I think
that long time board memebers will agree that these people and there tactics
are relentless in there pursuit to dicredit the two people who have brought by
far the most technology to this message board, they may infact be able to
dupe new members as they havnt seen all that has transpired over the last 9
I think we should all ask ourselves this question, "Just who are these
people ?" TEN -G for example, he just got back in town, read some posts,
emailed the webmaster, waited for his password to be validated, and THEN
responded with his ALL CAPS message about how he should have spent his money
on a detailed list of turbo related upgrades and have his kickass car on the
road already........????? Now lets be honest with ourselves, I dont think
that things happen quite like this, unless you are purposely trying to
dicredit someone who have been by far the major contributor to this message
Question #2 that you would now have to ask yourself...... "Who would do
this and why??" Hmmmmm, now that's a tough one. How about every company that
does Turbo related sales and service, thats obvious I think. Although, I think this goes a LITTLE deeper than that. TOO and Nitro have both spent
hundreds of hours answering your technical questions and suppling you board
members with alot of information,ALOT!!!!!!! Now, for this , you have some
who are very thankful, and appreciate it, and then you have others who just
wish he would go away because he he continue's his plan, it will be near
abomination for most of the forced induction competitors in the import
business. Lets face it, having varible boost, no need for an intercooler, no
elaborate exhaust, no engine oil breakdown do to overheating, and the system
bolts on with virtually as much boost as you want to put into it by regulating
pulley size, and all with a money back gurantee!!!!!! Now, you can say the
stuff never existed, as many of the DOUBTERS and $hit disturbers have done inn
the past, but then you guys even admit you saw pictures in magainzes, on the
web, and even reports of guys who have seen cars with the system operating,
and hauling butt. BUT still, thats not enuff for the DOUBTERS now is
OK, I am going to wrap this up since its getting late, its obvious that
board people are disguising themselves as regualr board members, when in
reality, they have there own agenda, which is, get TOO and Endyn out of the
import car racing market by badgering him till he gets pissed off enough to
say screw it with these import guys. Who do you have to thank for this, start
with the guys who advertise at this website, and then finish with the guy who
is problably having a nervous breakdown over this whole Endyn SC system and
its marvelous performance, and thats Mr. Honda himself, Oscar Jackson. Who by
the way still doesnt have a car out there with a supercharger that can run
with TOO's stuff. Also, Dont you find it strange that NONE of these people in
the forced induction arena aver give any technical advice or spend some time
at a grass roots level with there customers( you guys)?????? TOO have been
the ONLY one giving you guys help here, not FMAX, not JG, not Jackson Racing,
none of them.........And dont think for a minute that all these guys arent
watching this board everyday.........patiently waiting for the opportunity to
jump on TOO's and Nitro's back when they can, trying to discredit them so they
can push them out of the whole IMPORT RACING scene, which belongs to
US......... So when yoou dont get your $3500 kick a$$ forced induction system with all
the bells and whistles, dont blame the guys at Endyn, blame the guys who
provoked the 10k price, Oscar Jackson and the JG's of the sport........cause
if you dont think that TOO has these guys as nervous as a whore on dollar day,
then you have know idea how far people will go in the business world to create
success, and the import racers are the pawns of all this.