Frank's Note on 12/14/99: you may wish to check out the cylinder head article at PBH. my theory simple as it is....possible?

Posted by Padreic ( on September 24, 1998 at 19:32:09:

I just read some articles on the Performance Professor site and they were saying that if you want to do your own porting just remember these basics...

-dun remove too much material....
-if you have a flow bench...dun go nuts trying to get the biggest baddest numbers
-make the exhaust ports nice and smooth/shiny....
-while the intake ports must stay rough....

My cousin just blew his D series engine on his Civic Si...and we tore off the head to bottom end for while we were at it...we were just wondering if doing these simple, seemingly simple steps could net us some honest gains...we ain't looking at 400hp here...!!

Also I went to the Gude page and found the supposed "aborted race program" pistons which have a 11.2 CR. Some people on the Hybrid page just say these pistons are buffed up (shiny) Honda VX pistons! Since the bottom end looks like a crater....we may as well go with these....if they are as they seem....I'm not an engine builder...nor have any engineering sense I more of a shadetree mechanic any sense of direction you give me would be greatly appreciated! BTW...would the above porting steps be applicable to Bseries heads too?? THANKS!

Re: my theory simple as it is....possible?

Posted by NITRO on September 24, 1998 at 19:58:51:
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First off Jim McFarland and T.O.O. have been good friends since 1970 when T.O.O. took a head he'd designed for a BOSS 429 for Jim to inspect and flow. Jim was impressed enough to spend the nignt discussing why this and why that. Jim has many friends in the industry, and he's always positioned himself where he learns a little from every program that's productive, and therefore, he's pretty clued in on many subjects, in fact he's an expert for the right price, and that's business.
Any advice Jim provides is typically "good". He's not been on the inside here for a while on programs where the data and designs are highly proprietary, but he's still on the leading edge, and I'd listen to Jim before I'd listen to most. The minor head work with the polished exhaust ports and coarse inlet ports is correct, but make sure that you blend the irregularities in the inlets and the seat to port match ...with minimum material removal. The pistons sound suspect to me, and if you're running 93 oct. I'd look for another bargain. The guys on the import board can tell you best on "factory" pieces.
PS. T.O.O. considered Jim as his GURU for about 15 years.