Frank's Note on 12/14/99: this post was when couple of people in Southern California spotted cars with Endyn stickers, and also asked them to pop the hood and show the Endyn setup.  Uncle Bob refers to Bob Glidden, the all the winner in NHRA Pro Stock class.  Some of his records still stands.

Re: There Are Some Test Vehicles That We Allow The Owners To Travel In.

Posted by NITRO on September 24, 1998 at 19:38:19:

Dear Turncoat,
Someday, T.O.O.'d sure like to meet you. I think that, as you've seen what he can do and the thoroughness of his product intergity, you understand that T.O.O.'s not competing with anyone except himself. The hardest part of working with him is trying to better this weeks performance for next week.
T.O.O. will go to any length to see to it that his customers get more than they pay for, and the quest for making things better is what drives him, not any personal pissing contests. The last guy that had been working his ass off to kill an ENDYN program (and he did) walked up to T.O.O. and asked "what do you think of me now?". T.O.O.'s reply was simply "I don't think of you", and that pretty well sums up the way he thinks.
If people feel threatened by T.O.O.'s products, it's not because T.O.O. intended that to happen. The import scene as all the other areas we work is simply run by the smae thing that's always differentiated businesses: Quality and Performance of Product vs. Price. You also must throw customer relations in as well. Does the customer understand the product? If he doesn't he'll likely not run T.O.O.'s product.
Uncle Bob got to the point where he was enjoying "the edge" for 5 years, and all he did was minor rebuilds...whish allowed him to get lazy, and he never would sit down and allow T.O.O. to explain how the entire process worked. In Dec. 1990 Bob informed T.O.O. that we were to do his "maintainance" for free, and T.O.O.cut him loose. Chrysler had been begging for a Pro head that would be better than the B-1, so they paid a small sum for us to design the B-1TS and B-1TS Interim heads that Wayne County found worked so well that they ran over a thousand rpm less than the competition and were the last team to fing it necessary to switch to 5 speed gearboxes. When you can make that torque, re-gear the car, and you'll run fast and break fewer parts.....I think that T.O.O. says something about that too. (We left the program in jan.'92, so I can't tell you where or how they hid the system, but just as Bob before, they became lazy and didn't know what to do without T.O.O., so they took the "easy way").