Distributor rotor removal

Posted by NITRO on June 03, 1998 at 20:11:58:
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I'll assume that you're talking about the rotor. The small allen screw is installed with some thread locking compound. First make sure you have the correct size metric allen wrench...and not one from China either. A cheap allen wrench can make you wish you'd bought all the good ones Sears or another reputable tool business sells. Once you round off the internal hex, you may be shit out of luck.
Assuming you haven't buggered the inside too much, get a soldering gun or iron and apply heat directly to the threads sticking out the other side, or directly to the head. Don't melt any wiring by lack of concentration, as it'll take some time to heat. Once hot, take a SMALL punch that will fit inside the hex, and pop it once or twice with a small hammer..The shaft is delicate, so use only the appropriate amount of force with the SMALL hammer. Now, stick the allen wrench in and mafe sure it's well seated. Apply torque counter clockwise, and it'll either come out or we go to option 2. The rotor is plastic. Take some shop towels and seal the inside of the distributor, then take a saw or a Dremel Tool and cut away enough of the rotor where you can access the head of the allen screw with some GOOD vice grips. Tighten those motha's up, clamp on and rotate counter clockwise, and it will rotate.
Buy a new rotor (they come from Honda with a new screw), do your wiring, button it up and go. But don't ever forget the deal about cheap tools, they'll bite your ass every time.