Date: 21-Jul-99 09:20 PM
Author: Haberdasher
Subject: NITRO: electronic steering pump

I was looking through and reading about the electronic steering pump that will be included with the SC. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. Who makes the pump, is it an Endyn product? How does it work? Where is it located when installed? How much does it cost? Where can I get one? That just about covers it. Any info you can provide you be great. Thanks.


Date: 22-Jul-99 11:06 AM
Author: TOO
Subject: RE: NITRO: electronic steering pump

Doug can't answer that question, because we're having the manufacturer put our name on the pump. The pump mounts very low on the right side of the firewall / shock tower. We have designed and built a valving system that mimicks the Honda PS regualation characteristics. When installed, the difference in driving the car is not noticable, unless you play with the adjustments. The reasoning behind this was simply to free space for another belt driven component. What we're doing may sound crazy, but even Honda will have electric power sreering available in less than a year.....Those crazy Japanese! ................T.O.O. ..............

Date: 22-Jul-99 04:19 PM
Author: TOO
Subject: RE: NITRO: Easy To Do

The pump pressure can easily be regulated and the valving allows any increased turning rates to be done with no problems at all. The control valving is the secret to doing it correctly and the pump is picked primarily for size as well as performance. Any car with accessable speedometer electronics or ABS systems would be a piece of cake to make the steering "variable". BTW, it'd also be easy to make a small adapter to change the mechanical readings to electronic on earlier cars.