Frank's Note on 12/09/99: I think this reply was due to some folks bashing ENDYN since they never heard of it.  People also were complaining about the fact that ENDYN was going to take a loss at selling the SC.  They don't understand the logic behind there.  This an explanation from TOO.


Re: T.O.O. And Energy Dynamics Are Here, Like It Or Not.

Posted by T.O.O. on June 29, 1998 at 22:44:39:

You know who we are. You also seem to know a tiny bit about what we do. As there's never been a program in which we didn't produce and exceed the goals our contracts called for, I don't really think we're an "unknown" quantity in the aftermarket you are not familiar with.
I'll say this again: I came here for advice (Honda Specific), because I had been told that I could get answers, and I did. There was never any notion of doing superchargers for sale until people began making requests. After a great deal of rearranging programs, we felt that doing a (Honda oriented) line of kits would allow a large number of kids to get more than their money's worth for a change. As time passed, not only were new materials for production becoming available, but in listening to board members, the complexity of the "system" continued to grow.
For those of you who have never undertaken a task of this magnitude, it takes time. It takes time to bring vendors up to speed, it takes time to "fit" their ever changing production schedules. It also takes time to put two large companies together when there are "philosophysical " differences in their approaches to doing business. Despite the fact that we made all the tooling for cast aluminum manifolding, the best performance was without doubt the "thermoplastic" components. Despite several setbacks on the design and final configurations, the vibration welded composites were tentatively slated for delivery 4 weeks ago. While we may command some authority in our world, we don't buy millions of dollars of plastic components per year, so we've been sucking hind tit in that respect, but that's better than what's left...the ass hole. Combine this with all small details like clamps, custom size belts, etc. and you're looking at some time, but all was on schedule until the "big guys" had problems. We're going to produce these systems regardless of the market that resides here. We've built quite a number of "Pro Stock like" fabricated units, for testing new ideas and "how to make it better", and I'm happy to say that they're all alive and well. The most recent modification allows us to move the alternator to the front of the engine, and improve manifolding efficiency by 16%, and you retain the power steering if you wish.
Now, if we'd sold some of you kits 4 months ago, and then come out with a different and improved package, tell me what the reaction would be. Re-engineering and new ideas are common place around here, and all you need to do is ask our customers why we're on retainers .....they don't want us even talking to their competitors, and we don't.
Some have posted the idea that we could sell all this for the most recent prices simply proves that either the units don't exist, or I don't know doodly about business. For you folks, let me clue you in on business. A successful business turns a profit and is able to pass the untaxed portion to shareholders, or invest in newer equipment. Due to depeciation tables, we typically still end up paying some corp.taxes. If you produce a product, and it turns out to financially non profitable, you can write it off against taxes. Now I don't know about you guys, but in business and personally I prefer to give money to schools or medical institutions rather than the IRS. So if a company can provide something good for the market, and price it within reach, I don't consider that to be bad business.
As far as my not answering some questions, some are already answered well by other board members, others...I've said countless times that if it slides too far back, repost it or call my attention to where it is. I've done my very best to provide accurate answers on subject matter that we have hands on knowledge of, so don't damn me if I say "I'm not qualified". Many of my answers are designed to stimulate your thinking, so when you don't have a consultant, you'll be able to look at all the angles and make an educated and correct decision.
I'm not pissing and moaning about this, but our primary businesses are what allow us to do these "projects", and if I look at the amount of time devoted to everything we do, proportionally, the IR members and the blower are dominant, in fact I don't dare tell any of our larger clients anything about this. One reason is the time issue, but the prime issue is the fact that one of the principal "laws" in our contracts is that there will be absolutely no publicity. That's the prime reason very few of you know anything about Endyn, we enjoy our seclusion, and we also remember the times we were dealing with the retail market.
If I've really got you all upset, I apologize, but I have no control over many things....until this program we did everything "in house", and we didn't suffer when parts didn't arrive on time. I can certainly assure you that there would have never breen a "blurb" in any magazine regarding the blower, had we any idea that it wouldn't be available.....magazine spots take place over two months prior to print.
And I'm going to say one more thing to all of you, unfortunately some of you will end up with some form of cancer. It was something that I always thought happened to some one else, well think again. I'm not looking for any sympathy , but I had to learn to walk all over again when I was 33. The next time you get pissed because someone who has had so much chemotherapy that their heart's damaged, their lungs are heavily scarred, and their bones were 92 years old in 1979 can't come out and endure corrected temperatures of 120 degrees, you're going to piss me. There are a lot of us who haved worked very hard just to be alive, and I'll be fucking damned if some pricks on this board are going to make any demands of me, especially when my health comes into the picture, and that includes stress as well.
I've got to crash, there's work waiting at 5 AM. If this doesn't straighten things out ..... that's no longer my problem. This entire thing began as a hobby, and it's certainly lost that status, and we all miss it.
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