Re: ENDYN Is Working Around The Clock

Posted by NITRO on August 24, 1998 at 22:11:55:

With the mid point of the racing season just past, the stretch is on. With Labor Day coming up, we've really been working not simply for NHRA's biggest race of the year, but everyone is trying to maintain their points lead, move up in the points standings, or simply get in some good performances to possibly attract sponsorship for next season.
T.O.O.'s spine is beginning to crumble from the long term effects of all the chemotherapy and radiation, which is really bad on the bones, and since there's no one that the doctors know of who has lived this long after all the chemo., they don't really know what to do. His bones were 92 years old in 1979, so he's really old inside. He also has a family member who is not doing well, and all that is a real distraction.
On the Honda front, T.O.O.'s biggest problem has been to freeze a design and go with it. When you are constantly trying to out-do what you did last week, T.O.O.'s biggest concern is that once people have purchased the "systems", he'll come up with ia new idea and obsolete what's been sold and it'll piss a lot of people off. I thing the plan is to finalize the design and make it modular so any future tricks may be incorporated in the original "systems", so owners can upgrade and not end up with a lot of obsolete parts.
I must work some more. I suspect that T.O.O. will be back sometime after Labor Day's crunch. I'll check on you all when I have time..