Imports Racing In NASCAR..........It's Coming

Posted by NITRO on September 05, 1998 at 15:33:25:

One Asian manufacturer has had an on-going 5.6 ltr push rod program for almost 6 years now. We were first exposed to it during a test drive session. The car performed well, but when they opened the hood, finding a push rod V-8 was a shocker.
T.O.O. wondered why anyone would take a step backwards on our trip home, and then it became clear.
We have built some componments for their program including manifolds that accomodate Holley 4bbls , and the engine performance is on par with anything we've seen.
You will not see this in a Lexus running in NASCAR, but it will be coming to a track near you soon.

For NITRO... About that japanese NASCAR thing....

Posted by Zpeed7 on September 10, 1998 at 00:13:44:

I heard or read somewhere about TOYOTA wanting to race their T-100 at SUPERTRUCK events. I thought it was just a rumor because they didn't have any engine that I knew of that could qualify within NASCAR rules. I had not checked this board in a while but when I read that post it made me remember. And just the fact that you mentioned a Lexus(Toyota) it even made more sense to me. SUPERTRUCK seems to me like a good steping stone for TOYOTA. NASCAR is watched every weekend by millions of people so they would get great publicity and that kind of stuff. I personally would like to see a Lexus rubbing bumpers with Chevys and Fords even if the technology is not that high the racing is still pretty good. Anyway, in my opinion somewhere in the future NASCAR will have to change to multivalve engines to keep up with the times. Now that would be cool! The US versions of touring cars, BMWs, Acuras ,Nissans, everybody running around in ovals. And the engines are already there.

 I know I went a little bit out of my head there but I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the subject. And if you can, give me a little hint to see if I was right about that TOYOTA T-100 thing.

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BTW Nice to see that you're still here!

Re: NITRO'S Going To Be In Deep Doo Doo

Posted by T.O.O. on September 10, 1998 at 19:46:49:
In Reply to: For NITRO... About that japanese NASCAR thing.... posted by body on September 10, 1998 at 00:13:44:

We've been one of three selected to run a program that involves the Super Truck series. The down select is moving slowly. The powerplant exists, as does the vehicle, and even more convenient is the fact that the truck is not an import!!
I do not have any dealings with the "official" racing branch here, and we've worked around them on every program with Toyoda so far. My best understanding of the situatiuon is that until they can get their CART program in a position where it isn't an embarrassment, they aren't moving on the NASCAR front.
We have submitted a sizable offer, and committed to the purchase of facilities both here in Texas, and in N.C., so now we wait....oh, we also have the personel of one of the most successful NASCAR teams in history, and we'd use their name, so some of the red-necks wouldn't be turned off. It should be exciting when it happens, and it sure should help sales.
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Re: T.O.O. - ? about the Jegs/Summit info.

Posted by T.O.O. on September 14, 1998 at 17:25:28:
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They own companies that cast and machine custom heads and blocks. The rods they sell are made by the same company that is making our rods!! Are they good?? At least as good at less than half the price. You're gonna see some of these companies that have been taking advantage of a "soft" customer for the last few years going under fast. You have to understand that the "big guys" can afford to lose money on import business to kill all the competition because they make so much off the domestic market.
You're going to see heads that need no porting that'll come complete and ready to bolt on for what the porting costs from DPR. Hell in the domestic market, the only people that spend money on porting anymore are the really competitive classes, and every body else can simply buy the head that will work for the application, and it'll arrive CNC ported and ready to go.
So if you don't think they'll get into "hard core", think again. And the best part is that you'll be spending 50% less on anything you's a great deal for the consumer, but the dealers are going to suffer greatly.
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