Date: 25-Jul-99 04:58 PM
Author: Shoe
Subject: Watch out for companies like DPR and JG

I have been dealing with one of these companies for 8 months already. i was going to get headwork done. The result was 12hp from a claimed 20-25. They tried to work on my car for months and it resulted in frustration and dissapointment. Now, 8 months later, they turn me away, eventhough my car is detonating, and i had to pay an additional $600 to get the detonation fixed. Some people have good experience but mine was a nightmare. i learned to never trust anybody, no matter how sincere they sound. E-mail me for more details.

Date: 26-Jul-99 02:26 PM
Author: TOO
Subject: RE: We Always Thought They Were The "Best"

Maybe that's why we do our own stuff. If you want mass-production quality that looks "pretty", the companies you mentioned, as well as a few others will give you "their" best and it's usually not the best for the customer. Having been in the cylinder head business for the last 30+ years, we're quite familiar with what a little publicity can do for some mediocere products. Hell, the reason that I started doing my heads in the late '60's was because my "early" porting made the car run a lot faster than the $5,000 head modifications that "experts" were doing for us. If Ford hadn't sponsored us, we'd have gone broke just paying the cylinder head "people" for their "negative services." If you want custom heads designed and reworked to work on your particular application, you won't find it at a "production" porting service. We won't even discuss cylinder head work until the customer fills out a form, listing everything except their birthday. If the service doesn't ask the weight, gear ratios, tires, exhaust system, intake system, including ECU and injectors, cam profiles, static compression, ignition and timing, and altitude, typical humidity, average temperatures, where you live, type of driving you desire to "participate in", and emissions specifications, etc, you'll never get what you want. That's why all successful racing programs are either closely allied to a cylinder head service , or they do the work in-house. The "big" teams don't buy the cams that are represented by the decals on the cars either, but the cam companies pay them enough to keep everyone happy. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't believe the hype. Keep in mind that "others" who may have burned buying a "product" will usually say that it was a great deal, rather than telling you that they got ripped a new asshole. There's some comfort in numbers, so the more that get screwed, the better everyone feels. I'll attempt to put together some do's and don't's on some of this stuff. We saved a lot of board members a lot of money a couple years back and it's time to educate the consumers again. As I remember, we did a pretty good number on Nology and there are not to manybuying anything those jokers make anymore. I sure got some nasty calls and letters from them!! I'm not looking for business, but I really hate to see people wasting money and feeling bad. It's not good for the import scene. I need to do some work...I'm off the soap box. ................T.O.O. ..................... ps. Ask the head services if they "gaurantee" their work!