Date: 02-Oct-99 02:32 PM
Author: NITRO
Subject: New DC Sport Header Looks Cool, but....

Does it work?? Only if good looks makes it more powerful. Understand that there's not been a change in header configuration over the TriY standard for 6 years (with a coulpe examples) and customers are hungry for something "different". Now you know part of the reason that DC Sport has sponsored the Acura race cars, winning makes spin-off products sell.

Mugen was the first to step out with a long primary 4-1 header and since the price was and is "healthy", making something similar is a smart thing to do, especially if it's on a winner. The roar racing series that these cars run is normally aspirated and the engines are always "on" the cam. There's no question that the header can deliver a couple more ponies from 7,000 to 8500 RPM. Remember that a couple is two. This header actually makes less than the old TriY headers everywhere else on every normally aspirated engine we tested and I might mention that it's no winner on blown applications either.

If you're wanting something good looking that won't perform as well at sane engine speeds on the street, buy it, but I can think of numerous components that cost the same or less that would be a better performance deal per dollar.