Date: 05-Oct-99 06:59 AM
Author: dublocivic
Subject: J&S safeguard..TOO/Nitro

Now does the J&S work with the boost regulator on the system..? The boost will roll off when it senses a knock and will also retard timing? But what about when you get block flex if any. Is that sensor tied in with the J&S/regulator so it will cut it back when this occurs? So thereotically the b16a with the 1.74 rod-2-stroke ratio would be able to run higher boost than the 1.8 ls or gsr (stock lower end) because the stroke would cause less stress on the block correct? So if the b20b head you say is the same in most ways as the b18b you could use the b16a crank etc... in the b20 and have one helluva powerful stock bottom ended sc honda motor..? Thanks for any help.

Date: 05-Oct-99 01:40 PM
Author: NITRO
Subject: RE: J&S safeguard..TOO/Nitro

The SafeGuard will remove timing from individual cylinders to remove detonation. So, aside from the fact that the SafeGuard will permit much more agressive tuning which makes more power, it'll also prevent parts damage from the agressive tune-ups.

The unit is not part of our system that removes boost due to cylinder pressure. The two systems do overlap to some degree, but on a boosted engine, a little additional safety is more impressive than a big explosion.

When the LR is in high area the amount of pressure exerted by the pistons on the cylinder walls is less. Anytime the stresses are less, the block is more capable of handling the loads, so everything will last longer.

If you can build an engine with good geometry and still increase displacement, you're going to have a lot more fun.

As much as I hate to say it, the Honda crowd has adopted the old domestic notion regarding "the bigger, the better". It works every time and it's comparatively easy.