Date: 06-Oct-99 10:17 AM
Author: syco
Subject: NITRO: "special lashes" revisited

NITRO: a while back you posted about blown Hondas making more power by setting valve lash to .003"IN and .004"EX...something to the effect of "Hondas w/TOO's SC like more lift/duration than the stock cam has." Was this done on a VTEC (B16A/B18C) motor? If so, wouldn't you get more power using TypeR cams (more duration/lift on the "big" lobe)? Also would there be a problem with wear on the cams/rockers since stock (VTEC)specs call for .006"/.007"? Does this "free power" trick also work for N/A applications?

Date: 06-Oct-99 08:57 PM
Author: NITRO
Subject: RE: NITRO: "special lashes" revisited

Varying valve lashes and cam lobe centers are sure ways to affect production of more power, where it occurs in the rev band, and ultimately the new cam gring you might to have done. There's no question that installing a "bigger" cam will exagerate the effect. I suggest that, if tighter lashes show improved performance, trying a larger cam would be a good thing to do. If the tighter lashes do not help, I wouldn't fool with a larger cam (duration wise).

If looser lashes pick up the performance, a shorter gring might be the way to go. It's all fine tuning and to optimize the performance with lash settings, the cams must be juggled a degree or two and don't forget to optimize the spark timing for each test.

Last, but not least, keep very accurate records of every change you make, or all will be for naught.