Date: 04-Oct-99 08:14 AM
Author: dublocivic
Subject: Question for Nitro..

Nitro..., What was the problem that OJ had with fitting the m62 into the teg ls that you all at endyn didnt have ... intake runner length? you all even managed to get the IC in there too! What gives.. I know who Im getting my (System) from! no question. In my case would I have any problems fitting the Endyn sc system in my b18b powered 93 civic hatch si? what kind of times would you guestimate for this setup, quaife and slicks, stock bottom end stock head etc..(eagle rods and pistons when available). Oh yea and one more thing.. Has Larry run his hatchback with the m62 on it at the track yet?

Thanks again, Adam

Date: 04-Oct-99 09:33 AM
Author: NITRO
Subject: RE: Question for Nitro..

In Reply To: Question for Nitro.. - dublocivic 04-Oct-99 08:14 AM

Cool it a bit on the OJ front. We have our own customer base and we're not trying to screw with OJ's. His kits have made a lot of people happy over the years and I don't want to get some sort of pissing contest going. It doesn't do anyone any good and it also prevents some of OJ's customers from stepping up with many of the products we build specifically for their applications.

If you straighten out a few things, OJ's kit can run pretty well.

Our setup is like comparing John's headers to a store bought header. The store bought setup is meant to provide good power in a wide range of engine and chassis applications. It must also be easy to bolt on and the expense of making it must be less than 1/3rd it's retail sales price.

The killer (John) header must perform incredibly well in specific applications. Ease of manufacture and cost are not really a concern.

One is a "custom" system and the other is generic, so there's a big difference. It should be noted that the reasons for doing out "own" was to be able to optimize the manifolding, so the blower exit to intake port relationship would be optimal on every application.

This requires different manifolds for each application and it also requires a lot more money for all the tooling. Over the years we've had enough incentive to build specific tooling for each and every design derivative and we continue to do the same for this market. If we didn't, it'd be like making one big rod forging for all the different Honda rods and in the case of the smaller rods, just machine away what you don't need. It'd save money, but the final product would beeeeee...not something we'd sell.

Our system will fit your application, just as our prototype systems fit the Prelude engine compartments. All it takes is the old "where there's a will, there's a way". That type of thinking is what led to the electric power steering pumps we're making. I'm done. And don't try to get some bru-ha-ha going, we don't need any distractions and I seriously doubt that we'd respond to any either.

Date: 04-Oct-99 01:51 PM
Author: dublocivic
Subject: RE: Question for Nitro..

In Reply To: RE: Question for Nitro.. - NITRO 04-Oct-99 09:33 AM

Um.. I was not trying to discourage anyone from buying others products or say this that or the other I was just curious on how you plan to sink all this money into(tooling and machine work) this project and still sell it at a "good guy price" and I dont believe anyone out there is out to give stuff away.. Sure I think anyone in the import market right now would gladly take a set of eagle rods for 399.00 or whatever they are said to be sold at. But I am NOT putting down OJ's equipment or any of his products I just didnt understand why he would have not put the m62 on it (ls motor)(mabey cost who knows but I was just a little disappointed.) The Type "R" kit was first then the the gsr than last but not least the ls kit I mean ??? there is so many more people with LS's out there than any other Teg and I just would have thought he would have made the ls with the m62 not the 45, man Ive been waiting for so long now with the money (for A charger) in the bank for everything you all are going to put out and why the hell would I try to piss off you or anyone else? Its not about pissing its about making my car screw!! thats all I care about not fooling with trying to side with one side or the other, its about the product if E****'s system works better for my application than O*'s Guess what one Im going to get, Once again I am not saying anything derogetory towards anyone else, Im sure some people would not want to drive a low low 11 sec civic on the street ;)?? I was curious if you might have any perfomance insights on what my particular application would produce with the mods I listed. Oh yea did Larry every run his ZC hatch with the m62 on it?? Thank you for the response.

Date: 04-Oct-99 02:37 PM
Author: NITRO
Subject: RE: Read This

I didn't mean to imply that you were pissing anyone off. If I told you (and everyone else) why someone did this or that, it's simply going to stir up a lot of mud that's finally settled to the bottom. I can tell you why WE do something, but you're not ever going to see any point by point comparisons between what we do and what someone else does. You will never see anything like that in any of our advertising either. It's just not good business policy.

As far as what it costs to do something, that's not anything that the customers need to know about either. If we have the recources to put more in our box than the other guys, perhaps we just packed it a little better and more fit in.

Assuming what we sell is legal, the only thing the customer needs to be concerned with is the price and the quality of the product.