Re: T.O.O.'S S.C. KIT seems to be a one in a million

Posted by T.O.O. on April 07, 1998 at 20:15:14:

I'm not out to convert turbo enthusiasts to purchasing "blowers". I work with turbo motors daily and have since the mid '70's. They work very well in certain environments, and are mandatory if you're running in CART.
All my programs have not been successful over the last 25+ years, however, if you take the time to understand "why" something didn't work, the program wasn't a failure. It was a learning experience.
One of the few advantages to growing old is wisdom, and I attempt to apply what wisdom I've been blessed with in both my work and life in general.
The "programs" I agree to do are ones that allow total freedom for my concepts (within the rules). I consider the best car to be the best series of compromises one can assemble. The best engine is the same. If I can't have complete control over the entire engine assembly, it's very possible that some components in the system are not going to work in total harmony with my components, and the result is a lot of wasted money and time.
The only way around that is to study the subject, and then provide all the components necessary to make the project perform as desired. That philosophy, combined with our attention to quality control, is the principal reason that I deal with all my customers the same way.....if it doesn't perform I don't get paid. I also offer money back if a component doesn't perform the way my customer expects. I've had all of 2 returns since the early '70's, and I'm not expecting more in the future. If Iprovide all the necessary components and simplify the electronics, there will be almost no reason for problems. Now this doesn't mean that what I'm offering won't run hard, but it does provide every component necessary for every application, and adjustability for future "growth" as the owner upgrades some of the traditional "weak links". We also plan to have a series of both rods and pistons that will be designed to work with our system, and the prices will be far less than "factory replacements".
That said, the reason for the blower is that regardless of my age, I still enjoy kicking ass with the cars I drive, and there's a certain amount of added enjoyment when your Honda has just ruined a Viper owner's life. I can't do that dependably with a turbo, unless I resort to sequential units and all the electronics and plumbing that are necessary, not to mention the expense of proper materials to really do it right. Once I've spent the money and don the turbo thing, my performance advantage over the blower I use is almost non existant.
The traction control system that comes with the system doesn't need to be some expensive option, because two thirds of it are already in the the system anyway.
We are working as hard as possible to get production under way, while still testing every component for durability. Don't forget that the system begins at the air box we supply for your car (it doesn't suck water under 3') and everything including the header is part of the package. Customer support is also something that I feel is mandatory, so you won't end up talking to some asshole should you have any questions.....
THE OLD ONE is another year older today, so I'm done for now. I'll check in tomorrow evening.......T.O.O.................