Re: T.O.O.: will the kit be using additional injectors?

Posted by T.O.O. on April 23, 1998 at 21:09:40:

I am indeed honored, your Page has been most helpful over the last year or so. Please understand that while we're conducting several development programs with Honda's, we're certainly "babes in the woods" when it comes to knowing what works with what, and, although we've managed to "collect" a lot of parts that "don't fit", your page has done a lot to eliminate some of that.
Injectors: for all out race conditions we certainly do use larger injectors, and in many street systems we'll do the same, until the injector can't be controlled enough to pass emissions testing. The trick to retupning to "stock" air fuel ratios during drive cycle testing is accomplished with some rather simple electro mechanical components which not only control injector "events", but also can change fuel pressure dramatically. We use both pressure manipulation, and injector event duration to control all functions. The unit may be switched into a defeat mode for adequate fuel curve implimentation during those "special" times. There is also an over-ride I've built in so that should the driver be concentrating on the competition, the system will not allow a lean out or any other potentially damaging occurance. Even in the defeat mode the engine is so clean at idle and anything under about 2"Hg, that it will easily pass any tests, and the worst combined mileage reduction we've experienced has been 2 mpg. (combined)...steady state freeway cruising actually will yield slightly better than stock.
The electronic modules do indeed plug in to the stock ECU, and the wiring harness simply plugs into the module. There are two additional mini modules that plug into sensors, with the stock wiring pluging into them (these units are about 1" long), and are only necessary on a few applications currently. I hope to eliminate them shortly.
The only mod ever made to the ECU has been some early -on rev. limiter removal, and we simply don't need that anymore, in fact we've built in a limiter to lower the limit on the R Type, as it's far to high from the factory.
The speed sensors come with the system and are completely separate from any factory components. If you've read any of the recent press from CART, you'll know where the "legal" traction control came fact the profits have helped quicken the pace on the Honda programs. You may adjust the system to provide less than 1 - 1 front / rear slip ratios, and from there up to optimize the traction coefficient of the tire compound you run. You can rev. the engine to the limiter, and side step the clutch, but the tire spin will be exactally where you set it. The system can also be switched off, so those wanting to "impress friends" may do so. The traction control will come as a standard part of the kit, as will the header, and everything from the manifold to the air cleaner on the intake/blower side.
All Civics and CRX cars require the pump. Some Preludes work fine, as do many Integras. The pump issue will likely end up being a situation where every system will get one. Putting them in the tank can be a real pain, but it's quickly forgotten, and we'll also have an external unit which will mount under the car in a protected space for those who don't mind the slight noise.
It doesn't cost a tremendous amount more to include these extra features at our basic $3K estimated sale price, so there's no reason to not include the components. When you're offering a money back guarantee, it's best to include all the components used in development and testing.
I'll look forward to sending you some info. when I finally get the first mailing out. In the meantime, your Hybrid Page is really nice, and very helpful...................T.O.O. ..............