Re: Ques. for Nitro or T.O.O.

Posted by NITRO on May 11, 1998 at 22:47:18:

You can actually rev the GSR engine higher than the Type R, if your ECU will allow it. The GSR bottom end is stronger than the Type R. You have to remember that the "R" was meant to run at relatively high rpm for short periods, and the lower end components have been lightened accordingly. They also lost some structural integrety in the diet.
With a blower, the engine has gobs of something it doesn't have at all stock, and that's ass-kicking torque...from idle up. The engines rev so fast that there's no reason to buzz them to their limits. You might also consider the fact that the piston speed in the 1.8B's is so high and the cylinder wall / piston loadings are so high that when you double the hp. and combine that with high rpm and there's all the potential for big trouble. If you've never driven a well done supercharged Honda, you really can't understand the difference in driving styles. If you're in 5th. gear at 1500 rpm, and you need to accelerate to get on the freeway, you don't down shift anymore, just roll in the throttle and be careful that you don't rear-end someone in front of you. You can easily (with an aluminum flywheel) start from signals in 2nd. or 3rd. gears, and then lay it over into 5th. for in town driving. You can go up steep hills at 35 mph in 5th. and the engine will pull like a tractor, even down at 1,500rpm.
Bottom line is T.O.O.'s infamous statement....the definition of RPM is Ruins Peoples Motors. You can complain and protest all you want, but there's never been a single protestor who will accept T.O.O.'s challenge, and that is: Take two new identical engines and bolt each to a dyno. Your engine will be run under load at 6,000 rpm, and T.O.O.'s will be run under load at 5,000 rpm. Any bets as to which will last longer? Nuff said.