Re: More Type R Q&A

Posted by T.O.O. on May 15, 1998 at 19:02:03:

The entire system will add 23 lbs. Now that's 23 lbs. over the stock engine / manifold / cast header, etc. So the penalty is not terribly great, especially since it's up front. I suppose that since the blower centerline is level with the intake ports, you could make a case for raising the CG slightly, but I can assure you that one drive and you'll not be so concerned about a pound here, and a pound there, although your thoroughness is very much like mine....leave no stone unturned. People used to consider me crazier than I actually am when they'd watch me cut off bolt ends so only one thread remained through the nuts on my cars. I never did allow them to pick up the pickle jars I filled with the "scrap"...each one weighed 25+ lbs. Although the car was considerably under the minimum and ballast was needed to pass tech., having the ability to place the weight where it did the most good was always an advantage....this makes me recall acid dipping the factory safety glass and having it re-buffed, which leads to this: Do the Japanese still use thinner glass? I purchased some window glass for the Civic before going to Lexan, and the "foreign" glass was a lot lighter than the US spec.
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ps. I'm glad you got the "R", as I can assure you that we'll be doing continuous experimentation with the two I've designated to "play with". Although personal projects typically rate last, I strongly suspect that we've only scratched the surface, and I'm planning on doing a Bad Ass comp. system, which will not allow room for AC. The prototype "wooden" soft mock ups are finished, and the next step is to construct the running prototype for tweaking.
We're also working on some steering units which are purely mechanical, but will still provide the "feel" with only a little more muscle necessary.