Frank's Note on 12/09/99: I remember this thread started when some folks were being super anal about the performance and the reliability of the kit.  When ENDYN advised people prolonged hi boost especially under high load (in higer gears) is not good, some took it as, "well that's no fun then..., this kit must suck at freeway and everyday driving"... etc.  Well, basically if you use your brain you will be alright.  Most of the people that blown up on the street results from the adrenalin getting the best of them and not using their brain, ie squeezed a little too much with our proper tuning, turn up the boost 'cause they want to race somebody... etc.  It's the same thing with the Endyn SC.  Precautions has been taken but nothing is idiot proof.

Re: OK, Listen Up, All Of You

Posted by NITRO on July 25, 1998 at 10:39:00:
In Reply to: So this kit is basically a 1/4 mile kit? What's the point of having it if I can't utilize it to some extent on the street AKA real world driving? More Q's ...... posted by body on July 25, 1998 at 09:13:17:

When this whole thing started everyone wanted to run 10's like the guys with the "street cars" in the shows and magazine articles.
T.O.O. felt that the power to do that was available with a blower, which would be street friendly, and under you're direction through requests on this board, we've spent a pile of money and far too much time attempting to make "what you want" available.
You guys assemble an engine that can't be blown up, regardless of induction, and T.O.O. can find you a very lucrative deal with several F-1 engine suppliers.
We have added safety measures, and adjustability to make this unit do "everything" for you all, and as a result we're taking a $200.00 loss on every unit.
The kit when driven by people with any intelligence will never do any harm to an engine, stock or built. If you don't understand that if you have the controls available to tripple your engine's power, the engine was not meant for that type of stress, and if fully applied for a lengthy time, it's going to go "boom".
The blower kit having the ability to destroy engines is not the issue here. The issue is: Are the customers brains capabible of "working", and controlling their rt. feet.
If you think that you can think logically and treat your new found power with the respect it mandates, you'll be very happy, regardless of "stock or built". If you can't use your head, you probably should use your money for something safer like drugs.


Re: BOTTOM LINE (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Posted by NITRO on July 26, 1998 at 09:03:15:
In Reply to: BOTTOM LINE (Correct me if I'm wrong) posted by body on July 26, 1998 at 01:27:44:

Certainly, you can turn down the boost, but if you use your head and feet correctly, it's not necessary. Some of the best fun is "during the week".
I'll say this again. The engine will explode if run at high boost levels long enough. Quarter miles aren't long enough. High rpm at high vehical speeds for prolonged periods is long enough.
How many Top Fuel Dragsters do you think would finish a single lap at Indy, even if they could handle?? How many devoted drag racing cars could finish the 24 hours of LeMans?
If you drive with your head, and that includes setting the boost knob, there won't be any problems.
I've got a feeling that T.O.O.'s going to be very reluctant to sell to to a market that doesn't understand the relationship of power and stress. He's big on pleasing people, but it's becoming very obvious that that probably isn't possible with a young market like this.