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I was in the process of answering this when a storm came through and shut the power down.
I ordered a white Civic SI in '89, and after a three month wait, I got it. The car currently has 43,000 original miles on it.
The chassis has some braces welded in that are not visable. It has all the usual struts, except we made them. The suspension uses urathane bushings and a few "solid" joints where necessary. The bushings are some we made. I tried the Energy "total kit" and the car developed a "bouncy" feel, so we poured up some harder pieces. The shocks are Koni on all corners with NSX upper bushings. I'm still waiting on the Koni dual adjustable units for the front. The springs are some early Eibach Pro's and they drop the car 1.5" from stock. I've always run the Suspension Techniques sway bars, front and rear. Recently I purchased a set of Mugen sway bars, but regardless of what I do to the tire pressures and shock settings, I simply can't make them work. They make no noise, but that's all I can say positive about them.
The body is stock...not a single door ding. The rear hatch glass and the quarter windows have been replaced with Marguard Lexan which we drape formed over the stock glass. The Lexan is installed just as the factory screws or all looks stock, the rear wiper is no longer on the car. The power moon roof was removed and replaced with a CF "plug" which we make. It's simply painted white with a black border around dropped 35 lbs. The rear seat was removed, and the rear area is carpeted. The spare tire is not attached to the central rear seat support, and has a black cover that fits over it...this simply moved some more weight closer to the front. The fuel tank is currently stock, but the internal pump is one we built, and the fuel line is .5" from the tank to the fuel rail. The return is .375" line. All fuel lines were bent from steel tubing and conform to the car as stock.
The interior has stock dash with a shift light, boost guage and fuel pressure guages all mounted to a black alumunum plate that's attached to the dash top(center indention) with industrial black Velcro. I have a SafeGuard mounted in front of the consol, and the MSD is mounted to the right floor/side panel and has a NO STEP decal we made on it. The SafeGuard a/f meter is mounted just above the center AC vents...with Velcro. There are some switches and knobs in some of the small pop out panels on each side of the steering column, these are for fine tuning and also for quick adaptation if we make a fast engine change.
The tires are 195 50 15's "shaved" Bridgestones, and the wheels are SSR's 15 x 7".
The brakes are slotted rotors in front (stock pads), and "lightened" drums in the rear.
The engine currently in the car is based on the A series CZ 1.6ltr. The block has been strengthened, the crank is "aerodynamic", the rods are our pieces, the pistons, rings, and pins are ours as well. The camshafts are some of our pieces that we grind. The header is a Kamikaze, the CAT is 3" and the Thermal exhaust system is 3" all the way, however, just past the muffler, I cut it off and I use some .25" wall PVC tubing (3" id.) with dimples i've machined in to lower the noise level, and the gray "pipe" has no shiny "tip".
The head is one of our prototype pieces, with valves 1mm, and 2mm larger than stock on int and exh respectively. They are titanium as are the retainers and split locks. The springs are stock, and work great with the reduced masses. The rockers are lightened also. The intake maniflod currently on the engine is a fabricated piece we're using to "experiment" with. The blower is an Eaton M-62 with extensive porting and filling to promote flow and lower temps. The rotors are some semi hollow carbon/thermoplastic pieces that weigh 80% less than the Eaton pieces. The by-pass housing and intake tube are also some custom pieces we've fabricated, and on this particular configuration, the throttle body is located almost up near the battery, so the Thompson Engineering intake and air cleaner are very short, with the element in in a composite "box" that seals to the hood with foam edges. The air source is from below...the area where many put their elements. I simply use a few holes to access the area's air and I did put a 3" dia. hole in the front below the rt. parking light. The engine dynoed at 437 at the flywheel at 7800 rpm. It (the car) still gets 29.3 mpg combined, and is emission legal.
The other engine is a 1.6A SOHC and it's "similar" in configuration as well as performance.
All the injectors we use are either some experimental aerosol units we make, or RCE pieces.
The car also has a glass hood from Pit scoops.
That about sums it up. With our titanium wheelie bars in place the car has run an official best et of 11.82 at 127+ mph.
Forgot the trans...the flywheel is a Clutchmasters aluminum unit, the clutch is the dual diaphram, with a sprung full face Kevlar disk. I have two gear boxes I run, both have Quaife limited slips. One is a close ratio 6 speed unit from Argentina (I'm trying to get them in quantities), and the other is the stock SI unit with the teeth reshaped.
That's all I can thing off hand. If you want specific info let me know.................................T.O.O. ...............................