Re: Type R

Posted by NITRO on May 12, 1998 at 19:00:36:

The only suspension options that T.O.O. has found that work better than the factory pieces are the sway bar set from Mugen, and their spring/shock combination. The Type R shock valving is so different from any of the conventional (adjustable) shocks, that Koni, Tokico, or any of the others aren't even in the ball park.
The front will accept US Integra configured shocks, but the rear uses the Japanese configuration with the round bushing housing on the bottom, opposed to the conventional "U" shaped Integra lower mount. T.O.O. bought all new Koni shocks and "custom" Eibach springs from Comptech, only to find that not only were the parts standard pieces with new labels, but the shocks wouldn't even fit the car, and as I recall, their prices were double the going rate on the same components from other retail sources....they want a lot for their name....even when it doesn't fit.
16 x 7.5 wheels work well with 215 / 45 - 16 tires, just make sure that you weigh what came on the car, and that the replacements weigh the same or less.
Don't shit can your stock induction system either. Pull the rt. front tire, and inner fender to remove the resonant chamber. Once removed, carefully find a stiff plastic cup or tube and use some O2 sensor friendly silicone, connect the upper tube to the lower tube, and the flow will travel through the "box" with less restriction....and it'll sound good too. The stock air box has worked well compared to some of the "quikie" induction systems we've assembled for early testing. Doug Thompson Engineering is working on a new inlet duct for the blower applications, but all indications are that the air source will still be in the area where Honda puts the stocker. T.O.O. paid $165.00 for the mats in the price on his first "R".
Hope this helps, and have fun with it, just watch the revs, and shift when Honda says...8,300 rpm.