where to install an EGT probe?

Posted by T's GSR (tchung@aksys.com) on August 28, 1998 at 11:04:24:

i'm planning on installing an EGT probe and gauge onto my 98 GSR turbo... i'm running a Turbonetics T04/03E... i know that the DSMs recommend that the EGT probe be installed on the exhaust manifold right after the number one cylinder exhaust exit...
for my car however, people are telling me that i have to install the probe onto the downpipe 6 inches after the turbo... is this correct? will i be getting an accurate reading especially since the turbo heats up the gases?
anyone know what temp is should be reading if my car is running normal....?

Re: where to install an EGT probe?

Posted by NITRO on August 28, 1998 at 18:56:56:

All EGT probes, regardless of application should be installed at a location which would be 1/2 the primary tube diameter from the head surface. So if the ID of your primary tubes is 1.5", the hole or bung should be located .75" from the head side of the flange. You may place it at any angle to allow access to header bolts, etc.
This is a position that's considered a "standard" for location in the automotive world, and allows people to compare apples with apples.