Eagle "ESP" Forged Steel Honda Connecting Rod Instructions
Disassemble and thoroughly clean ALL surfaces.
DO NOT use metal stamps to number the rods. Felt tip markers and lightweight engraving tools are excellent alternatives.
Lubricate the bolt threads AND the underside of the bolt head with the supplied ARP Moly assembly lube.
DO NOT use motor oil or any form of Loctite on the bolts.
Mount the pistons on the connecting rods so the bearing locating tangs will be on the EXHAUST side of the engine. Align the bearing caps on the rods so the locating tangs are on the same side of the assemblies. Gradually hand tighten the bolts, making sure that you alternate from side-to-side to prevent the cap from "cocking".
Torque Specifications
Fastener Torque Bolt Stretch
5/16" ARP 2000 28 Ft. Lbs. 0.0048-0.0052"
The bolt stretch method MUST be employed if ANY lubricant other than the supplied ARP Moly assembly lube is used on the bolts.
Bearings and Clearances
Use Honda bearings ONLY!!! The crank-end of the B16 and H22 rods has been sized for a #2 Honda bearing. All other rods are sized for a #3 Honda bearing.
The rod bearing-to-crankshaft clearance should be 0.0015-0.0017".
The piston pin-to-bushing clearance should be 0.0004-0.0006".
D Series engines MUST be modified for rod clearance at the bottom of the cylinder bores. Refer to the "D Series Engine Building Tips" article on the web site for detailed instructions.
Failure to follow these instructions and guidelines can result in connecting rod, and engine failure.