Piston-to-Cylinder Wall Clearance  
Bore Diameter Naturally Aspirated Forced Induction
75.50 mm 0.0021" 0.0022"
81.50 mm 0.0026" 0.0027-0.0028"
84.50 mm 0.0027" 0.0028-0.0029"
87.00 mm 0.0030" 0.0031-0.0032"
The cylinder walls should be finish honed with a 380 Grit stone to give a 60' crosshatch pattern as per Honda's specifications.
Piston Ring End Gap
Bore Diameter Naturally Aspirated & Forced Induction
75.50 mm 0.011"
81.50 mm 0.011-.012"
84.50 mm 0.012-0.013"
87.00 mm 0.014-0.015"
Piston-to-Cylinder Head Clearance
With Eagle Steel Connecting Rods: 0.035" Minimum
With Factory Connecting Rods: 0.045" Minimum
Valve-to-Piston Clearance
Intake Valves:  0.045" Minimum
Exhaust Valves:  0.060" Minimum
Engine Break-In (1,000 Miles)
Use a Honda engine oil filter ONLY!!!
Use a 30W, non-detergent, non-synthetic engine oil ONLY!!!
DO NOT take the engine over 3,500 RPM during the first 200 miles of operation. You can increase the maximum engine speed by 500 RPM for every additional 200 miles of operation.
DO NOT operate the engine in a "steady state" mode (no open-road driving).
Change the oil and filter after 1,000 miles of operation. Synthetic or non-synthetic engine oil can be used. We use, and recommend Mobil 1.
Use Honda engine oil filters ONLY!!!