ENDYN Custom Blower Systems

Over the past few years, enthusiasts' have requested that we custom-build supercharger systems like the one run on my Civic for the last 8 years. We've responded by fabricating a limited number of the systems, which utilize the Eaton M62 superchargers.

These systems are non-intercooled, but they offer outrageous efficiency due to the low pumping losses afforded by the carefully designed manifolding.

The "kits" are not for novices. We've built them for enthusiasts who have lots of experience with supercharged, or turbocharged Honda's. If you don't do the work on your car, and you don't fully understand tuning, this system isn't for you. The system comes with fuel rail, blower to head manifolding, throttle body to blower manifold, alternator mount bracket, belt tensioner bracket and idler pulleys, and blower lower brace pieces.

The base manifolds begin life as Edelbrock castings and the plenums are hand fabricated by Mike Garvie here at Endyn.

Mike has been fabricating ProStock manifolds and heads for Reher-Morrison Racing Engines since the early '70's and his craftsmanship is apparent from any angle you look. The manifold is ported to match the customer's head, and the port cross-sectional area is configured to net power in the desired RPM range.

The fabricated "S" tube is configured to handle throttle bodies as large as 65mm and it's plumbed for use with our remote-mount IAC plate to minimize heat. The tubes (and all the hardware) are zinc plated.

The interior of the "S" tube is ported to an incredibly smooth finish from end to end.

These "kits" consist of the manifolding and bracketing outlined above. The customer must supply the M62 counter-clockwise rotating supercharger and the Magnusen bypass valve. These components are available through Jackson Racing.

We also offer a supercharger-modification program which will extend supercharger life, while decreasing charge exit temperatures and increasing boost pressure.