We use Crower rods in almost every engine we build. As most of our customers know, we offer a money-back guarantee on the quality and performance of engines we build. We can't do that if quality of any the components we use is the least bit suspect.

Over the years we've used rods from a number of manufacturers, and Crower's are the only ones we've never had issues with. Their rods are consistently right on the money when it comes to dimensional quality / balance, and they are the only rods that we don't worry about on the dyno here or at the track.

We stock Crower billet rods for most Honda B, D, and K series applications. We also stock many sets of custom-length Crowers in both standard and lightweight styles for long-rod, stroker, tall-deck, and tall-deck stroker applications. Prices range from $715.00 to $765.00 per set.