Honda K Series Heads

Since the engine's inception, we've specialized in preparing K series heads for discerning engine builders who require a combination of longevity and maximum performance. Our heads have been tested on the street, drag strips, and in professional road racing series. K Series engines we've built also dominated the Grand-Am race at Daytona in early 2008.

Endyn's "conventional" heads for normally-aspirated and turbo applications net flow rates of 350cfm with 35.5mm valves and over 365cfm with 36.0mm valves. Note that the 36mm valves require the installation of oversize intake valve seat inserts.

The head in the two pictures above has been configured for a street turbo application. Note the oversize seats on the intake-side for full-36.0mm valves, our aero-manganese/bronze valve guides, the CNC'd quench pads, and O-ring grooves (for insurance against blown head gaskets).

In addition to the welded Pro/Stock heads, we also do welded heads for numerous other applications, which include road racing classes where stock-type pistons are mandated, and for street use where maximum compression with the lowest-possible piston dome is required.


This unique CNC'd combustion chamber shape, which we pioneered in our S2K head development program, increases intake airflow by 20cfm through improved pressure containment, and the favorable shape also raises exhaust flow by 12cfm over a conventional chamber shape. Chamber volume on these heads can be less than 47cc's.