Cylinder Head Preparation

Endyn has specialized in custom cylinder head preparation and fabrication since 1974. As one of the first companies to utilize a flow bench (which we designed and built), air flow through engines has long been our specialty. Our first 4-valve headwork revolved around the Cosworth V8 in the later portion of the '70's, and since the late eightie's  4-valve heads have been our specialty.

We do not offer a simple "ported" cylinder head package. Each and every head is configured specifically to meet the individual customer's performance requirements. There is no cylinder head "production-line" here at Endyn, and as with our engine building programs, there is no set time limit for every machining operation involved, as you might see in more production-oriented machine shops. Each operation takes what-ever time is necessary to insure the highest possible quality and performance. The machining equipment we use is the finest and most accurate available. We meticulously maintain our equipment, and we do not do volume machine work, so there's no excess wear on any of our machines.

We offer the modification operations for the following cylinder heads.

Honda                Mini Cooper         Nissan Skyline        Toyota 2JZ                      Hyundai-(under construction)