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As many of our customers know, Endyn's attention to detail is second to none in the industry. We specialize in developing components that produce power as well as engine longivity.

Recognizing that in-line 4-cylinder engines are inherently out-of-balance and that crankshaft harmonics contribute to bearing, oil pump, rod, and crankshaft failure in high HP Honda applications, Endyn contacted Fluidamper several years ago about developing a superior dampening device.

Fluidampr has long been considered to have the best solution for dampening wide-range crank harmonics by the best engine builders in the business. We have worked closely with the personnel at Fluidampr over the past year to develop what we believe is the best crank damper available for the Honda B series engines.

Fluidampr's use of a viscous silicone fluid to couple the internal inertia ring to the balancer's main body allows this product to be much more effective at all RPM ranges than factory and aftermarket balancers that simply use an RPM range-specific rubber coupling design.


The Fluidampr housing is made from lightweight aluminum that's robotically-welded on the back side, incorporating an under-drive pulley for use with alternators. They are also marked in degrees to make the job of setting spark timing, cam timing, and valve lash easier.

All-new units with a slightly larger diameter pulley (than the prototype pictured) and a front recess for location of BBC trigger wheels, or dry-sump pulley are now available, with new street units incorporating larger diameter alternator, air conditioning, and an optional bolt-on power steering pulley will be available shortly.

We use these on all the engines we prepare and we highly recommend them for anyone who's interested in maximizing the life of their engine.

Retail price is $409.38
Price to our customers is $348.00

More information on Fluidampr's products is available at: http://www.fluidampr.com 

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