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NEW: ENDYN introduces the first aftermarket racing heads for Honda F20-22C, and K Series

After years of designing and producing custom racing heads for the F20-22C's and the K Series Honda engines, we've reached a point where the OE head castings are a liability when prepared for the "big power" engines we're racing today.

Several years ago, I decided to make the investment that would allow Honda enthusiasts to have a modern heavy-duty cylinder head available for racing into the future. I'm proud to have been able to make this happen.

We've designed the castings to allow porting for applications as small as 1.5 liters up through 2.8 liters, and everything in between. The heads are made here in the USA from premium aluminum, fully water-jacketed, and machined to OE specifications, so all current accessories are compatible. There are number of port combinations and combustion chambers that are available, as well as special customs.

We're just beginning to machine the K Series (3-versions, including a late model K24 piece without the all-in-one exhaust), and be providing updates on the program regularly. Some history on this project is available at: https://www.facebook.com/energydynamics/.

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