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06-01-18 Endyn Cylinder Heads


NEW: ENDYN introduces the first aftermarket racing heads for Honda F20-22C, and K Series

After years of designing and producing custom racing heads for the F20-22C's and the K Series Honda engines, we've reached a point where the OE head castings are a liability when prepared for the "big power" engines we're racing today.

Several years ago, I decided to make the investment that would allow Honda enthusiasts to have a modern heavy-duty cylinder head available for racing into the future. I'm proud to have been able to make this happen.

We've designed the castings to allow porting for applications as small as 1.5 liters up through 2.8 liters, and everything in between. The heads are made here in the USA from premium aluminum, fully water-jacketed, and machined to OE specifications, so all current accessories are compatible. There are number of port combinations and combustion chambers that are available, as well as special customs.

We're just beginning to machine the K Series (3-versions, including a late model K24 piece without the all-in-one exhaust), and be providing updates on the program regularly. Some history on this project is available at: https://www.facebook.com/energydynamics/.


We've poured many test castings, over the past few months to eliminate porosity in all of the heads, and we've updated all of the tooling accordingly. We have also machined a number of heads for dimensional verification, and right now, everything is right on the money. 

Aside from the large (BA-1) intake and exhaust ports with the large-bore "soft" combustion chambers for both the S2K and K Series, we've designed some new ports for use on both stock and moderately modified engine applications. 

Our "stock" replacement head for the S2K engines is called the "Sprint" design. It consists a high flow, high velocity intake port and exhaust port, combined with a softened combustion chamber that will net users a 1.3 ratio increase in compression. The Sprint head is a bolt-on for OE shortblocks, and utilizes stock valve sizes (36.0mm x 31.0mm). The combination will net much-needed boost in mid-range torque, as well as higher power up top. The port design has netted a 30HP increase on stock-size NA applications, and a +100HP increase on mild boost engines. The deck thickness on these heads is more than twice that of OE heads, and unlike the stockers, additional head bolt torque can be used without the usual deck and chamber distortion. All original and aftermarket manifolding will bolt right up.

On the K-side, we have cast and fully machined several PRB-style heads with our large (BA-1) ports and large-bore "soft" chambers.

The second K Series head we're doing is, once again, a bolt-on combination for minimum 86mm bore engines, running stock or conventional-dome aftermarket pistons. The valve sizes are 35.0mm on the intake and 30.0mm on the exhaust. The intake valve seat can also be easily machined for a valve up to 36.0mm with attendant airflow increases. The intake ports utilize our "Canoda", so airflow in the middle isn't sacrificed for flow at higher valve lifts. Combustion chambers are similar to OE with several detail improvements....and best of all, there's no coreshift since we fully machine the combustion chambers. Stock-style manifolding will bolt right on this head.

We also have cast and machined our version of the RBC cylinder head for those applications that require it.

Aside from the quality of the castings, and machining, our valve guides are made from the highest quality materials, they're shaped for for minimal flow disruption, and they're longer than OE for longer wear and superior valve stem support. We've worked extensively with endurance teams running E85, and I felt it was imperative that we use valve seats that are capable of handling this sort of abuse. Our custom-made copper-infused powdered metal valve seats are more than up to the task. These seats transfer heat as well as some of the exotic (expensive) seats, and they're compatible with a number of different fuels, and valve materials.

                                                                We believe that machined heads will be available soon.


                                                                          Finish-machined PRB and roughed-out RBC casting

S2K Sprint Combustion Chamber

Random Images of our PRB cylinder head with BA-1 porting scheme







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