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History of ENDYN (and The Old One)

This is just a fraction of work we have done.  We have also completed many aerospace and medical programs.  We are still actively involved in aerospace, automotive, and medical industry.  Here are some pictures to show some of our automotive milestones, and some pictures mixed in for good fun.

Miscellaneous Pictures
The Killer B
Ford 351 Small Block
BOSS 429 Head, SuperSwirl Head, & Latest Evolution Head
Pro Stock Evolution & The Funny Car Concept
ThunderBird Pro-Stock Program
Harley Davidson Program
T.O.O.'s infamous 89 Civic HatchBack


ENDYN Milestones

1959 - 65

  • Studied two stroke technologies. Built and raced karts nationally while developing and marketing increased efficiency engines. Engine modifications included revised intake and exhaust port timing and cross sectional areas, additional intake and exhaust ports, revised combustion chamber / piston configurations, crankshaft rotation  enhanced ram intake induction, and variable ignition timing (load dependent.) Production of 43.4 BHP @ 21,000 RPM from 100 cc normally aspirated production based two stroke engines.

1963 - 65

  • Began initial studies of four stroke engines and modifications necessary to increase efficiency and performance.


  • Designed and built a prototype compound turbocharged / two stroke test engine (non oil burning). 100 cc produced 121 BHP @ 20,000 RPM on methanol fuel. 


  • Began testing four stroke technologies and theory on a Ford Mustang with a 289 CID engine.


  • Modified Mustang (street driven) set four quarter mile world records and won the AHRA Super Stock Eliminator World Championship


  • Initiated in depth studies of chassis dynamics, torque reactive suspensions, and "ground effects". Engine geometric relationships and their relationships with cylinder head, camshaft design, and manifold configurations were brought to the forefront. Incorporate PROD (Performance Research Omni Development)


  • Constructed Ford BOSS 429 Mustang A/FX S/S Eliminator race car. Set 13 world records in two weeks in competition. Developed the first plenum ram intake manifolds for BOSS 429engines. Chassis and body used advanced materials and high stress engineering technologies.


  • Received sponsorship from Ford for continued development of cylinder heads, pistons, manifolds, etc. for the BOSS 429 engine.


  • Studied fluid dynamics and began designing the first flow bench that would allow static evaluation and pulsing flow evaluation of cylinder heads, manifolds, fuel systems, and exhaust systems. The flow bench eliminated the need to build engines to specifically test modifications. Pro Stock programs first recipients of technology.


  • Completed design and construction of pulsing flow bench, dyno facility, reverse dyno (testing pumping and mechanical losses), and performed all initial evaluation studies to link the data from each system into functional operating procedures. Programs included Pro Stock, nitro dragsters, funny cars, sprint cars, NASCAR, CAN AM, and SCCA.


  • Formally opened ENDYN INC. (ENERGY DYNAMICS, INC.) to expressly design, modify, and to evaluate cylinder heads, manifolds, Pistons, exhaust, and camshaft combinations for sale to consumers.

1975 - 79

  • ENDYN initiates fast burn technologies. ENDYN performs all research and development for Penske Racing.  Immediate results on NASCAR Ford V-8 include "fastest car in NASCAR", with a 25% increase in observed and "transient" power and a simultaneous 65% gain in fuel efficiency.
  • ENDYN leases engineering and shop space and performs all air flow testing, manifold design, and fabrication on the General Dynamics sonic, computer controlled Electrosonic X engine control system.  handled all emissions testing required for system evaluation. Designed single plane 4bbl.competition intake manifold for Buick. Manifold is still available through Holley / Weiand Industries (PN 7542).
  • Conducted initial lean burn, high compression-bias combustion, swirl compression / combustion, high cylinder swirl intake induction experiments with promising results.
  • ENDYN modified Cosworth, including heads and manifolding win INDY 500 for Penske Racing.

1979 - 83

  • Continued "secret" experiments with both spark ignited diesel and multi-fueled internal combustion engines. Successfully adapted these technologies to "production" oriented engines (domestic and  foreign).  ENDYN receives Secret and TS security approval for Advanced Programs.

1983 - 84

  • ENDYN continues defense and government related secret programs.
  • ENDYN commits to advanced Pro Stock program, designing and constructing chassis, Aero bodywork, engine and drive train. Notable advances were asymmetric pyramid chassis with low polar moments, first Super Swirl engine, and first true ground effects full bodied drag car.
  • ENDYN pioneers CAD/CAM technologies in chamber and port finishing manufacturing techniques.
  • ENDYN unleashes portions of high swirl, high compression, lean burn technology. ENDYN swirl engines dominate 1985 Daytona 500 with track records and overall win. Dominating victories at 1985 NHRA WinterNationals. Convincing and unprecedented victories and world records during the remainder of the season.
  • The "Soft Head" era was born, with coverage by Hot Rod Magazine, Circle Track, CBS Sports, and ESPN.

1984 - 1987


1. Swirl Combustion
2. Swirl inducing inlet ports
3. Sonic exhaust ports
4. Formulas developed for design of the above (1-3)
5. Utilization of ultra high (up to 23+ to 1) compression ratios without detonation with spark ignited gasoline engines
6. "Soft Head" combinations utilize (no's 1-5)
7. First to map cylinder pressure profiles relative to crankshaft angle at real world RPM and alter the curves as needed
8. Invention of multiple (3-4) camshaft lobes acting directly on inlet valves
9. Development of variable cross section and velocity inlet ports and manifold runners
10. Utilization of "reed" inlet valves on four stroke engines.
11. Achieve 4.4 BHP / cubic inch at "low" BSFC in normally aspirated endurance engine for O.E. manufacturer
12. Offset piston / crankcase / cylinder combinations for production based engines. Improved rotating geometry efficiency (i.e., longer cylinder and bearing life, and improved utilization of combustion pressure.)
13. Designed the following cylinder heads for Ford Motorsports: 302 SVO Cylinder Head (PN  M-6049-D302) 
- 429 SVO Cylinder Head ( PN M-6049-A460) 
- BOSS 429 Super Swirl Cylinder Head (PN M-6049-A443)
14. Design of cylinder head, piston, camshaft, and intake manifold for Harley Davidson. Components now marketed by Edelbrock


  • Major sale of limited combustion technologies to OE Japanese manufacturer.
  • ENDYN severs all connections to both public and media. Continued development of multi fuel combustion. Racing related programs limited to "select" teams.

1989 - 91

  • First experiments with modified Honda production applications.
  • Revolutionize camshaft design with "short" events and less lift.
  • Participation in World Championship motorcycle racing efforts.

1991 - 93

  • Supersonic combustion studies with "shape dictated" burn propagation.
  • Design and oversee production of heads, manifolds, bottom end for OE.
  • Sponsored Pro Stock effort. Winner of 2 World Championships.

1992 - 97

  • Combustion and mixture preparation are primary programs.
  • Continued manufacture of racing components. Studies of "new" forms of rapid prototyping, manufacturing technologies continue to keep ENDYN on the leading edge of engineering and production capabilities.
  • Honda programs begin to "influence" ENDYN's agenda.

1997 - 2011

  • Rapid expansion of all technology fronts due to market demand.
  • Racing R&E continues to dominate schedules.
  • Manufacturing capabilities expansion to handle increased demand from all markets including Honda related components.
  • Proposal to go "public" with technology related articles is rejected.  Plan to integrate technical papers into Honda programs is adopted.
  • Design, production, and world-wide sales of specialty cylinder heads, Roller-Wave pistons, connecting rods, intake manifolds, camshafts, etc for Honda’s. Development, construction, and testing of race engines for Honda R&D engineers, as well as individual race teams. Endyn cylinder heads are used on record-holding ProStock engine combinations. Design and development of lean-burn engine componentry for fuel efficiency and low emissions.


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