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Ported Cylinder Head

Racing Oil Pumps

Endyn Fabricated Manifolds

Racing Valves


Stroker Kits

Crower Connecting Rods

DART Blocks (NEW!)

"Roller Wave" Pistons
Endyn Cam Belt Tensioner
B-Series Cam Belt Tensioner (NEW!)


Endyn Block Posts

Breather Kit

Oil Adapters (NEW!)

Block Girdle

Email staff@theoldone.com if you have questions or needs for any of the above components.

We have been repeatedly asked by our customers to supply many of the parts that we recommend they purchase to complement the components they buy form us.

Since we have identified certain components on the market that are of superior performance when placed in our system, it's only natural that we should make them available to our customers to enhance and simplify the process of achieving their goals.

To that end, we are now capable of selling all the additional products we recommend at prices our customers deserve.

This practice will ensure that our customers receive maximum performance per dollar spent and it also insures that the latest of our modifications will be incorporated in the products, as they won't simply be "stock items."

Personally, I'd like to say that we're very excited about the new products. I believe that ENDYN has had a positive impact on the import market so far and we're looking forward to setting the standards for the future. Making the best possible components available at the best prices will help this market grow and we believe that the competition will need to follow suit with their products. All of this will make the consumer the big winner and that's what it's all about.

- The Old One


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